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Matt Demir

Qualifying Broker/Owner at XERA REALTY INC.

Meet Matt Demir, a seasoned business broker, and real estate agent with over 14 years of experience in the banking industry. His extensive background in finance gives him a unique perspective on the commercial...

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Yousef Abdel Moty

Director of Land Acquisition at XERA REALTY INC.

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Will Lamar

Director Of Retail  at XERA REALTY INC.

Will is an experienced Commercial Real Estate Agent who specializes in Restaurant and Retail Tenant Representation. With over 15 years of experience in the restaurant business, he has extensive knowledge of what it takes...

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Melesia Ziller


Melesia is a passionate Commercial Real Estate Agent who is dedicated to helping her clients achieve their business and investment goals. Whether you’re buying, selling, or leasing commercial space, you can count on Melesia...

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Rurmel McGee

Director of Development  at XERA REALTY INC.

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Tony Rukab

Commercial Real Estate Advisor at XERA REALTY INC.

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Halil Zafer

Director of Cental Florida Operations

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Alexandra Florez

Director of Business Brokerage & Leasing

With over 15 years of banking and financial services experience, Alexandra brings a unique perspective to commercial real estate. Renowned for her astute financial acumen and comprehensive understanding of market dynamics, she consistently delivers...

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Ricki Ben Simon

Meet Ricki Ben Simon, a dynamic force in the world of commercial real estate. With a background as a successful business owner, Ricki brings a unique perspective and a wealth of knowledge to the...

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